Tiger Motors MN1806 2300KV for the new Warp

On 15. April 2015

Tiger MN1806 2300kv Motors The new Tiger MN1806 2300kv motors for the new WarpQuad Project. Based on a 240 frame, 12A ESC and a new designed frame……more to come….

Quad Copter Case

On 28. März 2015

Copter Case

The quad has a new home in a cute case.

Quad Copter – 250mm Frame II

On 28. März 2015

EMAX 250 arm. ESC - motor connection

EMAX 250 frame arm with ESC- motor connection (3.5mm connector).

Quad Copter – 250mm Frame

On 28. März 2015

Quad Copter, 250mm Emax Frame

EMAX 250 frame, EMAX 1806 motors, BLHeli 12A ESC, CC3D Board, Brainergy 1800mah, 3S, 45C, Gemfan 5030 props without FPV Equipment => Fun machine!